Fateh Mobin Elevates Iranian Precision Ballistic Missile Capabilities

Today Iran unveiled the Fateh Mobin, which appears to be a guidance upgrade for the Fateh family of solid fuelled SRBMs. Defence Minister Amir Hatami said that the Fateh family up to the Zolfaqar can be fitted with this guidance kit.

My impression is that this guidance kit is able to be retrofitted to existing Fateh-type missiles in Iran's inventory.

Judging by the video, the guidance is Infrared Imaging. This also explains the black protective cap on the missile nosecone. If guided by good INS to the general location, with IIR taking over for terminal guidance, a missile equipped with Mobin guidance could very accurately hit any target on land with no input from GPS or other guidance. This is the same technology used in the Khalije Fars ASBM, though I suspect is is only now being used on land targets because Iranian sensor technology has advanced to allow it. The Khalije Fars missile probably has an easier time detecting and homing in on ships because they are against a cold, flat background that is the sea.

The fact that Mobin can be retrofitted to even Zulfiqar TBMs grants Iran a formidable precision strike capability, good enough to hit individual radars, command posts, and even aircraft bunkers at up to 700 km range.