PSA: Twitter Shadowban (EN/فارسی)

To my followers,

I have recently discovered that I have been shadowbanned on Twitter. I have got a search, search suggestion, and thread ban. I should make clear that to my knowledge I have not violated any Twitter rules. This ban appears completely arbitrary, or maybe I have fallen victim to the algorithm.

With Iran's Defence Industry Day coming up in a few days that means that I will be unable to make a thread about that event. Unless my ban is lifted by then, I will provide live coverage of Defence Industry Day on my blog. That post will be updated as frequently as possible. To try and get my ban lifted sooner, I will not tweet links and hashtags. However, the link to my blog is in my Twitter bio and I urge people to use it to access my coverage. Hopefully this situation will not last too long.

Lastly, I urge followers to Retweet or screenshot tweet this message (which has been posted on Twitter) to get the word out. Please also refrain from using aggressive language/tone in replies to my tweets for the time being as this may contribute to the length of the ban.

-Amir     @AmirIGM

(Blogspot's Farsi font is REALLY ugly)